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Can feminists be funny?

This week, as we continue writing on our top secret new project we were very interested to hear the discussion on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s hour: can feminists be funny? Well as two women who are endeavouring to write a play packed with LOLs, we certainly hope so. The women from Funny Women we met at this year’s WOW festival at the South Bank would definitely say so. Find out more about their Funny Women Award Semi Finals this week and their forthcoming Edinburgh shows at

On the same episode of Woman’s hour last Friday, they also interviewed Juliet Lyon from the Prison Reform Trust about their findings that only half of all women on remand receive visits from their families as with only 13 women’s prisons in the country, women are often taken far from their family networks. Susan Calman was also joined by an ex-offender who talked about her own experiences of this. This was an issue that struck us while we were researching eXclusion as taking women far away from their support networks and indeed their children, can have far reaching implications.

At the time of writing this post, you can still listen to the broadcast but it is not clear on the website for how long:

In other news:

Mirja Breitholtz who wrote the music for eXclusion releases her latest song: via @youtube

Deborah Klayman battles London’s commuters with cello! And on that bombshell…..

Til next time

Ali & Debs


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