But for Us

Welfare's in a state, and the pensioners are revolting.

Heart's Desire

When best friends enter a gameshow, how far they are willing to go to win their "Heart's Desire"?


The aliens are at the door.


It's time to vote.

My Bloody Laundrette

Three famous faces walk into a laundrette...

Winner of the Cambridge University Press "Channel The Bard" Competition


Times are changing for the residents of The Institution. When it closes, how will Liz and those she cares for survive in an unforgiving world?

Cascade of Baubles

Someone is dead.

Merry Christmas.

Losing Light

Children’s games turn sinister when they’re played by dysfunctional adults.


When three women compete for release from prison, who should have the final say - the courts, the press, or the public? Two will stay, one will go - who will get your vote?

"(It) depicted the loneliness, the helplessness, the boredom and the ever-present atmosphere of danger...   it shouts realism all over the place.”



on eXclusion


"Heightened emotional stakes that were never stated out right.

This might have been my favourite

of the three (plays)."


on Losing Light


"There are fantastic little one liners and some wonderful little quips...

no funny goes unturned in this

feisty little farce."


on My Bloody Laundrette

"The fact that it is almost impossible

to choose a "winner" is a testament

to the success of the drama...

Clever and Original"


on eXclusion
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