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Victim Shaming and the Media

It is a sad state of affairs when a high profile woman is seen to both downplay the seriousness of rape and victim shame in one fell swoop.

Judy Finnegan’s comments on Loose women beggar belief, but unfortunately highlight the fact that victim shaming and blaming are still a huge problem, and continue to put barriers in the way of men and women coming forward after a sexual assault. Referring to the rape Ched Evans perpetrated as “not violent” as “He didn’t cause any bodily harm to the person”, and then stating that the victim “had far too much to drink”, is reprehensible and so damaging. Also, insisting Evans has “served his time” (2 years of a 5 year sentence) as if that makes it all ok is shocking. If you haven’t seen the incredible faux pas, you can hear it in her own words here. She has now…

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