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Call out for actors (paid)

Welfare’s in a state and the pensioners are revolting.

Whoop ‘n’ Wail Theatre Company are looking for three actors to complete casting for a research and development week on brand new play, But For Us, by award winning playwrights Ali Kemp and Deborah Klayman. This is a paid opportunity for actors with a passion for new writing and an interest in the welfare state, social inclusion and politics. The plan for the week will be to interrogate the script and develop a read through followed by a discussion, then work on individual sections as decided by the director. This will culminate in an industry sharing of the piece.

Gloria 'NHS' Wildman

Gloria ‘NHS’ Wildman

Casting Breakdown

Dora Cockburn:          Female, Black, Caribbean, 70s. Arrived in the UK on the Windrush                                            in 1948. Mother to Mary and Martin, retired social worker,                                                        political agitator. Neighbour to Ray and Brenda.

Brenda Fink:               Female, White, 60s, widow, Dora’s neighbour and frenemy. Daily                                             Mail reader and local trader of goods. Has an opinion about                                                       everything and everyone.

Ricky Pickles:              Male, White, 50s/60s, married with two children. Chastity                                                            Healthcare founder and business magnate.

What you need to know

Pay:                             £483 per week pro rata (ITC Rates)

Dates:                          Tuesday 10th September – Friday 13th September

Venue:                        Old Diorama Arts Centre, Regent’s Place, 201 Drummond Street,                                      London, NW1 3FE

Who are we?

Whoop ‘n’ Wail is a female-led theatre company, founded by Ali Kemp and Deborah Klayman. Our primary focus is new writing, and creating work with a sense of humour and a social conscience. You can find out more about us and our work here:

How to apply

Applications are via email to Please confirm your availability for all dates and include a link to your acting CV. Casting from showreels or links to your previous work. Please clearly state which character you would like to be considered for. If you have any accessibility requirements please include this information.


In 2022, the Uncoupled Kingdom is feeling the pinch and welfare’s in a state. Prescription charges are through the roof, hospitals are bursting at the seams, and camps have sprung up on the borders. Now Chastity Healthcare has the NHS in its sights and the pensioners are revolting.

75-year old Dora Cockburn came to the UK as a child on the Windrush, and ever since has lived on an estate in Shepherd’s Bush. A life-long socialist and campaigner, she is fighting to save the NHS from the politicians and privateers, with only a packet of questionable biscuits and partner-in-crime Ray to help her overcome. Now, her estranged son is on her doorstep – what’s a woman to do?

Martin Cockburn is Conservative Minister for Health and Social Care, and he’s standing for re-election. What’s in his way? Toeing the party line, rebellious constituents, and a wife that’s just kicked him out. When you’re forced to live with your Trotskyite mum, how can you become Britain’s top Tory?

From the halls of power to the high rise and the cabinet to the camps, Dora must battle power plays, family feuds and media muscle in her quest for victory. But when the biscuits are down, help may come from an unlikely source…



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