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The Mayday scripts are in!

The call for submissions for Represents…Mayday is now closed and here at Whoop ‘n’ Wail HQ we are taking a moment to read and enjoy all the scripts before they are sent to panel for the big decision.

Thank you to all the playwrights, male and female, who have generously submitted their work. They have taken the theme of Mayday, shaken it about, turned it upside down and given it a squeeze to come up with a fantastic array of pieces that are sure to make us whoop ‘n’ wail.

And how gratifying it is to see all this new work being produced which include female characters who talk to each other at some point about something other than a man. Hurrah!


We are looking forward to being able to announce the line up of the six plays that will be performed at Whoop ‘n’ Wail Represents…Mayday, coming soon to Waterloo East Theatre, London.

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