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Now we are being cheeky.

Seeing as we have reached our target and still have a whole twelve hours of Kickstarter fundraising time to spare, we’d really like to s t r e t c h ourselves.

Getting a new piece of theatre off the ground is a costly business, and so often the creative team are expected to work for free. Thanks to you, we will now be able to offer proper pay to all of the team working on this project.

The stretch: if we can raise a total of £6000 by 6.40pm tomorrow when the Kickstarter ends, we will also be able to pay a projection designer for their input (oh yes, But For Us is all hi-tech!).

So what do you think? One last push to anyone you know who might not have heard about But For Us The Play?

We think you are amazing and we reckon you can do it!


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