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Female Ghostbusters – what ever next?

Amongst the hectic preparation for Represents…Desire here at Whoop ‘n’ Wail HQ, we have enjoyed a little down time listening to BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show. In last Friday’s episode, we were particularly tickled by Marcus Brigstock and his take on the Ghostbusters reboot and thought you’d might enjoy it too. You can catch it here.

Unfortunately, the next episode of The Now Show will be on Friday 6th February at 6.30pm and no doubt, you’ve already booked your tickets for Represents…Desire at that time. Ah well, there’s always BBC iplayer to catch up on The Now Show.

Whoop ‘n’ Wail Represents…Desire Waterloo East Theatre, London, SE1 8TG Friday 6th & Saturday 7th February 2015, 7.30pm Tickets on sale now: £10 in advance (£12 on the door) Box office: 020 7928 0060 /

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