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2014’s WorkbyWomen Project: 10.15% is not good enough.

As I have no doubt said several times, this project originally began purely as an attempt to improve my own (extremely poor) attempts to see plays written by women.  In this the project was successful (read about the results here).  But I couldn’t work on the WorkbyWomen project for a year without developing some thoughts on the matter.  Though, to be entirely honest, I’ve had thoughts on the matter since about March – but I decided to wait until I had some nice hard statistics to prove my point with, rather than giving way to my natural desire to rant. (Ranting is possibly my natural style of communication – the only reason I’ve never stood on a soap box in Hyde Park is that it would require getting up early in the morning).

First, the numbers… To the stats machine!*

First off, the total number of listings in TimeOut…

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